3 Best Blogging Platform for Beginners

While choosing the most suited blogging platform for beginners, there are a number of considerations to be taken into account. One deciding factor is whether to go with a free platform or the paid one and this will be dependent upon what objectives you want to meet and which audiences you aim to attract.

In case you only want to pen down your personal thoughts or views on most of the things life has to offer, it is best to go with free blogging platforms.

These days, there is a plethora of blogging platforms to choose from according to the kind of content they want to write about and how user-friendly the platform itself is. Each person might find a different site acceptable to his/her blogging needs so let’s explore three of the most popular blogging platforms for beginners.


Blogger is among the most reliable and free blogging platforms since it is owned by Google, formerly known as blogspot.com. Being one of the oldest blogging sites, it is very simple to use and the best choice for beginners with a large number of great looking templates, widgets, mobile blogging and an unlimited bandwidth. With its tagging feature, you can make your blogs search engine optimized and offer endless money making opportunities with its integration with Google’s AdSense.

The only drawbacks are that you cannot delete your own comments or mark spammer comments. Also, the overall look of blogger is not considered as professional as some of its contemporary blogging platforms such as WordPress.


WordPress offers two different types of blogging service:

  • WordPress.org
  • WordPress.com


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Both of these services are free but offer different set of benefits according to your blogging needs.

WordPress.org is a self-hosted blogging platform where you can have absolute command over your content in addition to have access to your own MySQL and PHP features. This is a rather complicated version of its counterpart but still worth every bit if you want total control of your blog site.

WordPress.com is the usual free blogging site with somewhat limited control over your content but offers simple and easy blogging tools. It is much more flexible and extensible than Blogger and has a professional outlook with all its classy template designs.

WordPress has plug-ins for almost everything you may need to start and maintain your blog and you can customize this open source blog publishing platform using your creativity and individual needs.


Again, for beginners, Tumblr offers ease-of-use as well as advanced features like visitors’ detail and statistics. You can post text content, pictures, videos, audios, and other related links in your blog space at Tumblr. It is considered to be the best blogging platform for ‘microblogs’ which means the textual content is minimum but other features are enhanced like photos and video blogs. Tumblr is a rather informal blogging platform in comparison with Blogger and WordPress but is best if you want to create buzz and make your posts go viral.


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