3 Ways University Students Can Earn Money Online

Student life can be sweet. However, being a student – unless you’re from a wealthy family – means being in debt and living month to month. Money is not everything, but having extra cash is always a good thing, especially if you don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time, spend money on transportation, and spend endless hours on public transportation. Here are 3 sure ways you can earn money online as a student.

Students can write articles to earn money online

Each student has a speciality, a niche. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the subject you’re studying. One simple Google search will show you there are thousands of freelance jobs on the Internet. Potential clients don’t necessarily want you to be experienced. They just want to know that you’re willing to do the job, write moderately well, and get the job done – with the results they want. Half the people who write guest posts on my blog (for college and other institutions which pay them to guest post) are university students.

If you want your writing work to take flight, start up a blog to publicise what you do, display the quality of your work, and to tell potential clients your services are for hire.


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Students can blog to earn money online

Not everyone can write well and get results. We all have our talents and some people are better at the tech and marketing aspects, rather than the actual writing. In fact, some of the best writers are rubbish at the tech stuff and vice versa.

Blogging doesn’t have to involve the highest quality of writing. You just have to know how to write moderately well, write about interesting things, get an audience and convert this audience into paying customers. Whatever your niche, photography, sport, crafts, jewellery, you can blog about it and include Google ads, Amazon ads and affiliate links on your blog. If your tech skills are good enough and you know about SEO, you could be making a living from ads and affiliate links within 6 months of starting your new blog.

Students can do work on Fiverr jobs

I’ve ordered my share of Fiverr gigs. In case you haven’t heard of Fiverr, it’s a site you can set up an account to do anything for a payment of $5.00. There are many students there and there’s no limit to what you can do, or how many gigs you can set up. Your imagination is the only limit. Can you sing? Then you can set up gigs to sing greetings (in specific ways) and get paid for each one. You can draw, do tech work, blog work, write, edit, dance, create, and a whole lot more. Look at the homepage on the Fiverr site to get some ideas of what other people are doing there.

You may already have a part-time job, but if you can do any of the above well, you won’t need to leave your home in order to make a good part-time living (if not a full-time living). Have you done any of these as a student? Have you got any advice to add in relation to these 3 groups of online earning potentials?


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