Picture Quality of Micromax A90

Its been long time since micromax has started rolling out its stunning piece of gadgets into the electronic segment, what we see is micromax rolling out technology standards rich feature smartphone and tablets at affordable price, if you are new to micromax handset and is not sure about its performance and scale-ability then we would like to inform you that, micromax is giving tough competition to its rivals and holds strong position among lower to upper middle class segment.

Micromax A90 comes with Super AMOLED Display screen which will make your gaming and movie watching experience on 4.3 inches surprisingly good, the screen is made up of tough material and is said to be scratch proof. The Phone sports 1 Ghz MediaTek MT675 which gives you blazingly fast browsing and gaming experience.  The Phone also has 8 mega pixel camera with flash and CMOS sensor to have perfect photographs on the go.

Give is the price – 12,000 Rs (220$) , this amazing phone has some technologically competent specs that are available in high end smartphones like samsung galaxy S3 and HTC One x. Why the micromax A90 is popular can be simply understood by the fact that, it has 8 Mega Pixel Camera With Flash, it has 1 Ghz Processor which is single core in nature and will be upgraded to dual core in future releases and is fully capacitive phone with AMOLED Display.


Image Source: GSM Arena

Picture Quality of Micromax A90

These are some the pictures taken from Micromax A90 for your ready reference.

The phone has wifi,bluetooth,3g as connectivity options and also sports secondary VGA camera which will allow you to do video calling. The phone has 4Gb of internal memory of which 2 Gb is reserved for user and contains 512MB RAM. You will not able to get color selection choice as the phone is available only in black color. While the phone comes with pre-loaded apps like document viewer, email etc, the android 4.0 ICS os will allow you to download apps from google play directly.

Why buy micromax a90 can be answered in simple words – if you want to experience the technology and power performance that are usually available with high end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X, then you should buy this phone which is available at unbelievable price of 220$ which comes out to be 12,000 indian rupees.


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