Top 5 Adsense Niche For High CPC

Adsense is really quite difficult to understand but a deep look in it clears almost everything. Low CPC is one thing that worries each and every blogger . But, certainly there are few niche which lure a much higher CPC ranging from 1-2 $ min per click. Finding such niche isn’t easy, and if it is setting up websites and ranking on the 1st rank is not that easy.
Here are some of the adsense niche with High CPC, so next blog you’re starting for money focus on these niche for a better earning potential.


Insurance niche is by far the best adsense niche with highest CPC ever. The insurance blogs and websites enjoy a much high Cost Per Click (usually above 1.5$ ) with keywords of insurance niche ranging upto 30$+ just for a single click. This is such because the insurance companies earn a lot of money and have a huge budget to advertise with. If a click costs them 1-2$ and they convert a lead who buys an insurance package, it’s a great profit for them.


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Finance niche is almost related to the Insurance Niche but is the not same. Finance blogs also enjoy a superior adsense experience. Finance companies spend a lot on promotions and the CPC is too high ranging from 0.75$ to 25$ . That’s not all, there being a high competition in finance companies and few finance blogs, the CPC is thus too high.


Shocked? But yes, flights is one such niche that pays the best. It’s a great niche for micro niche site which can shower some quick dollars for a few clicks. Airline companies  have a strong competition and pay a quite high rate for advertising online for getting the customers for online ticket booking.

Cloud Storage

Do you observer Drop Box advertising a lot? Yes, such cloud storage companies charge for storage and their expenditure is minimum on the service but maximum on advertising. So, they offer quite a good rate for each click and as the user pays them a heavy amount for storage, they are able to make a good profit online even with such massive promotions.

Forex and Trading

Most of the times, adsense ad is related to Forex and trading. The bitter truth is that there are many adwords advertisers competing for keywords of Forex and trading niche. These companies have a high brokerage and thus huge advertising cap . Even on a general site, forex and trading website ads keeps on playing. That is because of great competition in this niche eventually competition leading to a higher CPC .

The analytics behind Adsense can make Google Adsense too easy to understand. Just a depth view is needed and everything goes crystal clear. Do you have a blog with the above top paying adsense CPC niche ?h3>


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