Points to Consider Before Buying a Tablet

The sales of the tablet-PCs are increasing day by day as the tablet market gets more and more affordable. But people make mistakes while buying a tablet and that is why I have decided to help the people who want to buy a tablet. There are some certain points on which you should focus more. 

And in this post, I will focus on those points. If you are looking to buy a tablet, this post will help you to buy a good one. So, read on!

Screen Size, Type and Touch Quality

Tablets are totally based on touch screens and the screen needs to be of good quality. Look for a tablet which has a 7 inch screen which is capacitive. The capacitive touch screen is always better because it has a good touch quality because it senses the touch quality nicely. Most of the tabs will have a capacitive touch-screen but the ones which are of low cost may have a resistive touch-screen. I suggest you to skip the tabs with resistive touch-screens no matter how low the cost it. Always go for a good screen size and good touch quality.


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Operating System

The operating system of a tablet is very important because it controls how much can you do with the tab. Android and iOS are the top operating systems on the tablets as well. Now, Windows 8 is also moving to tablets. So, you have to choose the tablet with an OS which supports more apps, have good security features, etc. For this, you should research on the internet before ordering your tablet.

User-Available Memory

Many people don’t know about it before buying the tablet that the user-available memory is considerably less than the whole internal memory which you may have seen in the specifications online. Much of the internal memory is used up by the operating system and other few things. For example, Micromax Funbook has a 4GB internal memory but the user-available memory is only 1.83GB which you know only after you buy it. So, never forget to check the user-available memory before buying the tablet.

Processor & Connectivity

Always aim for tablets which have a good processor and good connectivity options since you would want to have a fast tablet which can connect with internet easily. The processor should be at least 1.2 Ghz and the connectivity options should consist of Wi-Fi, connectivity using USB dongle, Bluetooth, etc. You will get many tablets with such processors and connectivity settings so just search for them before buying your tablet.

Battery & Price

Low cost tablets have a bit less battery as compared to tablets high-cost tablets. If you would be using your tablet for playing games for longer durations, you would need a good battery. iPads have the best battery in the tablets which are around 7 to 9 hours. Also, the price of the tablet matters a lot. You should compare the specifications with the price and if it feels balanced, then only buy it. You should also refer to technology experts who can give you an insight on the products. Always go for tablets with good battery and good price.


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