3 Deadly Disease caused by the Usage of Phones

This shouldn’t be news anymore but, obviously not everyone has had the privilege to know about the hazard in using a mobile phone. If you’re part of those that haven’t heard about the hazards in mobile phone usage, then, you’re doing yourself good by reading this blog post. Have you heard about cancer, brain tumor, hypertension and all sorts of deadly diseases that reduce the life span of people nowadays?

But the unfortunate side of the story is that diseases like cancer and other man caused diseases are always right in front of us but we take little notice of them due to our negligence? And the worse part of it is that, the agent that carries these deadly diseases is the mobile phone, which we find hard to do without in this modern day.

Oh! Did I mention mobile phone? Yes mobile phone! As beneficial and vital cell phones are to our everyday activities, the danger that lies in using it can sometimes be severe than the benefit derived from it, if care is not taken.

A cell phone can sometimes be an agent of cancer to human being if excessively used by its handler. One thing to know about this is that the effect of this damage can’t be measured until it turns severe to the handler.


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Here on this post, I’ll share with you the damage of excessive use of a mobile phone in order for you to curb the situation.

Brain Tumor

The cell phone emit radio frequency, and this radio frequency heats up the tissues in the body system of human being thereby damaging the tissue in the body system gradually and at the end, results to cancer in the body system.

This, which can happen in any part of the body system where the phone is mostly placed has a larger possibility of causing damage to the brain mostly, because, the phone is always placed at the head side of the body when receiving or making phone calls.

Low Fertility

According to research, it has been proved that radiation in cell phone can cause low sperm count in man. This is one reason why male are advice to keep their cell phone in their palm rather than keeping it in their pockets where close contact to the skin can occur.

As a measure of protection against the radiation that can affect the reproductive organ of a man, one should use rubber cases to shield the mobile phone when it is inevitable to bring it to close with the body.


Particularly the ladies, your mobile phone can increase your chances of having acne. Take note that the consequence in excess use of mobile phone can cause acne to the skin. When cell phone is been used either to receive or make call, the part of your skin which the phone always comes in contact with will gradually burn out causing the color of that part of the face to look different from the other part of the skin. Research has it that this is as a result caused by the friction that occurs when you’re receiving or making call with your phone on one side of your face.

With all of this damages highlighted, the question mostly ask about the prevention on the damages of a mobile phone to human health is, what are the possible ways of averting all the dangers a cell phone can cause? The simple answer is that, when making conversation on mobile phone, make use of text messages most often or make use of hands free device in communicating to your friends, family, business associate and anybody who you feel like talking to. With this, you should be able to avoid the dangers of your excess use of mobile phone.


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